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03.12.20 - Marilyn

Quik Tow LV Ranks High Among Best Towing Companies Las Vegas NV

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Best Towing Companies Las Vegas 2020

Having to hire a towing company Las Vegas based is rarely something you plan on in advance. Las Vegas towing company business comes from failed batteries, accidents, mechanical issues, or your car getting impounded, and none of those happen when it is planned or convenient. You are already stressed and worried about the price of getting the vehicle fixed or the ticket and impound fee paid. When you need a tow company Las Vegas, call Quik Tow. We are locally owned and operated and have many years in Las Vegas – Henderson – Boulder City and the surrounding area. We do responses in out of the way places, so call our 24 hour dispatch and let us figure out where you are stuck.  Our prices are fair, our drivers are trained, and we have the reputation of being one of the fastest response time towing companies Las Vegas offers services through.

At Quik Tow Las Vegas, we hear too many stories about tow truck companies Las Vegas based that do not tell customers up front what all the costs will be when you have to get a haul, jump, battery or gas delivered, or worse, have learned your car is impounded. We try to make certain that every customer, regardless of the situation, knows exactly what our charges will be and the forms of payment we accept. It is upsetting enough to have to even call a tow truck company Las Vegas based to come rescue you, or to find out where to pick up your car. We believe transparency and honesty should run business, and that is how we have always conducted business at Quik Tow Las Vegas through our many years of servicing Clark County and the greater region.

Among towing companies Las Vegas NV has listed, we also are known for the care we take with your vehicle. Many vehicles do just fine on a hook haul, but there are many others that absolutely must be flat bed transported in order to not damage any component in the car, truck, RV, or other vehicle. We know that desert wind storms can blow debris and rock, and we take precautions to make sure your vehicle is protected at all times. Our job – and reputation – is based on quality service with courtesy. All our drivers are highly experienced and trained, and take pride in the service they provide. If you ever have questions or comments, please contact our office to let us know how our drivers performed. We like to know, and they like to know as well. It is part of why we continue, year after year, to be referred to as one of the best towing companies Las Vegas NV based that serves not only the City That Never Sleeps but the entire surrounding region. 

When you need a tow, or have to get a vehicle moved from one place to another, call Quik Tow Las Vegas or send in our contact form. Run out of gas or lock yourself out? Call Quik Tow. Our 24/7 live dispatcher will get service to your location as quickly as possible. We have some of the fastest response times in the region, as well as some of the best prices. We take a lot of pride in being of service to all parts of the greater Las Vegas area, and we look forward to helping you with your vehicle towing needs while making the experience less stressful and hopefully a lot more pleasant. 

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