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Does your property struggle with unregistered, abandoned and illegally parked vehicles? Take control of your parking area. Call us today to customize your solution

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When unauthorized people park on your property, we'll remove the vehicle at no cost to you. As your vehicle removal partner, our mission is to keep your property clear of nuisance vehicles that can affect your business and be a risk to the safety of your residents or guests. We specialize in creating customized programs to suit your specific needs and utilize innovative technologies to put you in control.

When partnering with Quick Tow, you can expect fair and ethical treatment from qualified towing professionals. Our team is dedicated to redefining the towing experience for each of our customers and will not compromise our future for short term results.

We currently offer the following services to you, the property owner or manager, at no cost to your property:

ANY TIME, ALL THE TIME: Towing of illegally parked vehicles at no cost to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our goal is to provide this service to you within 35 minutes, significantly faster than the competition.

COURTESY PATROLS: We can provide a daily drive-through service, checking on any vehicles illegally parked in your fire lanes. These vehicles are in violation of NRS 487-038. There is no charge for this service.

We can also check for any trespassing vehicles that do not belong to your residents, and can tag them with a tow warning as defined by the NRS 487-038. We tag all vehicles which have been abandoned and are an eyesore to the property.

WARNING NOTICE: Each warning notice states to see the manager, and we can provide to the property owner or manager a list of all the vehicles that we tag, including the space number, description, and reason for the warning notice.

SECURITY: Our daily drive-through service also provides added security to your facilities. Over 26% of our customers say that our services have reduced overall crime on their property. While patrolling the property, we note any suspicious activity and inform the management and, if necessary, local law enforcement.

FLEXIBLE: We will work with you to make your property a safer and more attractive place for your residents. We adjust our services to accommodate your needs.

RESIDENT RETENTION: Over 80% of our customers believe that Quick Tow Parking Solutions have improved parking and increased resident satisfaction.

We offer a permit parking system which ensures that only residents and their registered guests will be able to park within the facilities. Working with your resident manager, management company, and security company (if applicable); we will effectively manage your permit system.

SIGNS: We provide a variety of signs and services tailored to your parking enforcement needs at no cost to you.

SAVE $$: All these services are available at no charge to the property owner or manager.

Private PropertySolutions

Take Advantage of Our Walk and Tag Programs – Free!


As part of our drive through service, we can tag vehicles that create problems or are not in a condition acceptable to the rules of the community, referring the owner or driver to contact the management of the property with questions or issues. A record of the location, space, and condition issues can be provided to the property management, with digital documentation if so desired. This helps keep repairs, cars on jacks, and other issues at bay on your property, improving overall appearance and reducing liability for your residents or clients. The property managers we provide our free courtesy services for have reported a significant reduction in crime and vandalism in their neighborhoods, just from the presence and reporting our tow drivers provide. The added security and reporting of suspicious activity to your team informs the management of situations that they need to be made aware of, and increases the sense of security for your residents and customers. When appropriate we will also notify local law enforcement during off-duty hours for your managers, or in the event of commission of a possible crime. 


Quik Tow Las Vegas has provided property patrol services for many years in the greater Las Vegas – Henderson area, and both residents of complexes and property managers state that parking has improved by over 80% when we do. Happy residents are your best word of mouth and tend to stay where they are living over time. Retention of residents is money in your pocket.  We know that having a parking spot available when and where it is needed is important, and we can custom design a resident and visitor parking permit system for your property, do impounding when necessary, or provide vehicle locksmithing services. Our team works with your management, security company, and residents to create what works best for your individual property.  Call us or send in our contact form and let us set up a time to talk about how we can improve your parking situation. We can even provide a wide variety of signage relating to the parking regulations, enforcement, and impounding information when it is needed. Let us know what you need help with, and our years of experience will allow us to offer suggestions to make your parking situation improve. All our services to developments, HOA’s, multi-unit complexes, stores and malls are offered free of charge. 


Private Property Needs Help With Personal Impounding Occasionally


There are times you have to take matters into your own hands when it comes to an errant parking situation. If you have constant issues with vehicles being deposited on your private property, and being neighborly has not been a solution, call Quik Tow Las Vegas. We will be out fast, and can take care of the encroachment problem for you quickly. We do personal impounding, can provide vehicle locksmithing when necessary, and also can haul or tow vehicles from your private property to where they belong in the surrounding area and beyond. Call us, or send in our contact form, or click to call, and we can give you a quote and a schedule of just how quickly we can provide a solution. You can rest assured we follow state and county laws and regulations and keep local law enforcement informed when appropriate.

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Private Properly Solution Las Vegas

Custom Towing Las Vegas Utilizes to Make Life Easier

Whether you are the manager of an apartment complex, have a classic car that needs moved to the paint shop, or have a parking lot that is difficult to keep open for your customers, Quik Tow Las Vegas can provide solutions for your situations. Among our services are warnings and tagging for parking violations on your business parking lot, HOA areas, or other reserved parking spaces that people tend to use when they are not supposed to. We can set up a customized tagging program including warning stickers, tow away signs, digital photo documentation, notifications to authorities, and even custom walk and tagging programs. If you want to have an unauthorized vehicle towed, we will do it at no expense to you or your facility. 


HOA and Business Parking Solutions Are Free to You


Homeowner Associations often have rules and policies governing parking and the number and even condition of vehicles that can be at a site, or where extra vehicles can be parked. Quik Tow can set up a resident parking permit system that can be monitored and managed online for the vehicles that are authorized to be on your premises.  We can design a custom program that works best for your property or location regarding the vehicles spaces paid for by residents, or those that become derelict, abandoned, or create other liabilities and hazards. Repeat offenders sometimes need the next step taken to get their attention about the policies of a particular property. Let Quik Tow Las Vegas do the work and handle the impounded vehicle, alleviating the strain and stress of confrontations created by rule violations. Our technicians respond quickly, with minimal interaction required to provide smooth handling of the offending cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, or even the occasional bus or semi.


Among the services we offer property managers and HOA security teams are removal of unauthorized vehicles at no cost to you or your association or property. We strive for a 35 minute response time, 24/7, 365, which is far less than most other services in the greater Las Vegas - Henderson area. When we say Quik Tow, we mean it. We will provide digital photo documentation if you desire, and we recommend it, as it prevents questions and accusations leading to further problems over vehicle condition, parking locations, signage, and other issues. When appropriate we will also notify the necessary authorities about the actions taken regarding vehicles we tag, sticker, or remove to impound. This creates a solid chain of authority making your life easier and stress-free while removing the vehicle creating the problem.

Fire Lane Violations Come With Hefty Fines – Let Quik Tow Help Avoid Them, Free


Quik Tow Las Vegas can also provide walk and tag programs for your properties. Often all that is needed is a friendly reminder that a vehicle or rig does not belong where it was parked or left. A positive way of handling unauthorized vehicles, this win-win solution saves potential public relations issues and stress dealing with the vehicle owner. Quik Tow also offers courtesy patrol programs as a daily drive through service. This ensures that vehicles can be dealt with or removed promptly before patterns are established.  One of the most important features of the courtesy patrol is checking your fire lanes to make certain there are none blocked by vehicles. A violation of NRS 487-038, it is important for public safety and your liability that fire lanes are kept clear at all times. There is no charge for this service. We can complete a courtesy drive through at the same time, making certain that your parking spaces and lot are safe and being kept open for your customers and residents.


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