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09.10.20 - Rochelle Harris

How To Report An Abandoned Car

First Things First 
We've all likely noticed a vehicle at some time that looks as if it may have been abandoned. Often, it may even be in your neighborhood, and once in a while, it is blocking a spot you would normally use. These kinds of problems are not only an eyesore and a nuisance, but a safety hazard, as well. So what can you do to get rid of this kind of a problem? If you are the owner of the property, Nevada law offers a fairly easy solution. But what if it's on a public roadway? Or what if you are the manager of a business and you suspect there are violations right in your parking lot? You just don't have the time to figure it all out, especially trying to manage the business and customers throughout each day. Or maybe you have a neighbor who has had a disabled vehicle on their property for a long time, and it's become a real eyesore for everyone else. These are just a few examples of some things that might prompt the question of how to report an abandoned car. Every state has different requirements, so this article refers to Nevada residents only. 

Your Options 
First off, you have a couple of different options. Number one, is you can call the Las Vegas Township Constable's Office at: (702) 455-8697, and leave a message (if no one answers) with detailed information. You will also be asked to fill out a form online, and it may not be addressed right away. This is if the vehicle is on a public roadway. If it's on private property, you can call City Code Enforcement at: (702) 229-6615. But, you do have another option. Not all towing companies offer this service, but you can call Quik Tow Las Vegas for help. They will come get the vehicle and take care of any issues with the authorities. They also have a free service where they offer to monitor, tag, and haul away any offending abandoned, derelict or unauthorized vehicles in both private and public parking lots. They take care of the notices, stickers, haul and impound absolutely free of charge, and when necessary notify the authorities, saving you the hassles. They can even coordinate with the management of complexes, HOAs and commercial and business locations to help set up either resident or employee parking permit programs, which include visitor's passes. The people at Quik Tow Las Vegas are friendly and experienced, and even provide signs if necessary for this free patrol service at the same time, reducing potential offenders. This is a very valuable service to provide for free, for any business or neighborhood. If you would like to learn more about it, or to report an abandoned vehicle on or near your property, you can call or text them at (702) 450-1222 any time, 24/7/365. They will let you know when they will arrive. So if you want the abandoned vehicle towed away fast, and don't want the hassle of calling the authorities and then waiting who knows how long, take care of the problem now. After all, you do have another option. 

What Constitutes "Abandoned"?
This is a good question to ask, especially if you have your eye on a vehicle you think has been abandoned, or one that's been parked in your neighbor's front yard, half dismantled, for over a month now. Abandoned and derelict vehicles are in violation of the law, and will be towed away at the owner's expense after a certain amount of time. No one wants to have to look at eyesores like that, and no one wants to have to drive around an unknown vehicle, just to park their own car. So what is the law on what is considered abandoned or derelict? A vehicle is considered abandoned in two different ways. The first way, is if it's been left unattended for more than 24 hours, it can be considered abandoned if one or both of these things are true:


  • The vehicle has expired tags (no current registration)
  • The vehicle is missing 2 or more tires or other parts which render it totally inoperable 

The second way is the most common, and that is it is considered abandoned if it has been left unattended for more than 72 consecutive hours in any 96 hour period on any public roadway or parkway. So what are derelict vehicles? 

What Constitutes "Derelict "?
A vehicle that's become an eyesore to look at, such as one in your neighbor's yard, is considered to be derelict if it is: a motor vehicle that is wrecked, dismantled, discarded or abandoned or in a state of disrepair that renders it currently inoperable, or the operation of which on a highway would be in contravention of any provincial law or regulation. A derelict vehicle means: a motor vehicle, tractor, trailer, truck, camper, boat, motorcycle, demolition endurance vehicle, motorized snow vehicle, mechanical equipment, machinery or parts thereof, or any vehicle drawn, propelled or driven by any kind of power or any part thereof. It  includes a vehicle not in an operating condition, that is discarded, rusted, deflated tires, wrecked or partly wrecked, or is dismantled or partly dismantled, rendering the car inoperable, or in a condition otherwise harmful to the public health, welfare, peace, and safety. For this kind of report, you need to notify the Constable at the number listed previously, or call the non-emergency police and make a report. The Sheriff will give a 10-day notice for a hearing, in which it will be determined to be a public nuisance, and then the owner gets 5 days to remove it. No matter what the case may be, and in any and all of these situations, the registered owner is charged the money it costs to remove their vehicle, plus any interest which may apply, or any other costs associated with the removal of the offending vehicle. Therefore, think twice before leaving your vehicle anywhere. Get permission to leave the vehicle there, if needed, and be sure to come back within 72 hours.