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What does roadside assistance cover

Getting Caught With Your Pants Down

While all insurance companies are different, typically roadside assistance covers things like a flat tire, dead battery, towing, locking your keys in the car, running out of gas and other minor repairs. It can really be a lifesaver when these common mishaps occur - and they will occur. That's the thing about owning and driving a vehicle. You just never know when something like this will happen. Even the most prepared driver gets caught with their pants down, so to speak, once in a while. Vehicles are just unpredictable sometimes, and when the unexpected happens, it makes you feel all warm inside if you know you're covered. Roadside assistance is just one of those things that can give you the extra peace of mind you need, just when you really need it! 

The Basics - Flat Tire
If you are considering roadside assistance, it's a pretty good bet that you'll utilize the services enough to make it worthwhile. Let's say a truck hauling metal in front of you drops a piece of sharp metal and you run it over and get a flat tire. The truck keeps going, and you don't have time to get the license plate info - you're too busy trying to get control of your vehicle and pull over out of traffic. You've got a spare and a jack, but it's the middle of summer and scorching hot outside, and it's going to be a tough job. Ok, you've got this - until you realize you have two flat tires, that is. Now it's an impossible task, and you get that sinking feeling in your stomach. Suddenly the sticker in the corner of your windshield from the place you have roadside assistance with jumps out at you, and you laugh out loud. You've never been so happy to have exactly what you need, right at your fingertips. You dial the number and someone comes relatively quickly, with the tire you need and the professional help to make short work of what seemed impossible a short time ago. All you pay for is the tire itself.

The Basics - Dead Battery

You happen to be on a long stretch of highway in the middle of the country in the mountains, and you stop at an unmanned gas station to get some gas with your credit card. It's dark, because it's at night, and the old gas station has just two old gas pumps and a tiny storefront with a "closed" sign hanging sideways and one small streetlight over the lot. You get back in your car and shiver from the icy wind blowing outside, try to start your car but all you get is a loud "click-click-click" sound. Your battery is dead. At first, you feel a pang of fear in your chest at the thought of having to deal with this alone in the cold. Then you sigh in relief as you remember you have roadside assistance. You dial the number and although it takes a while for someone to arrive due to your desolate location, someone does arrive. They verify it's your battery and not your alternator, and have a brand new battery they put in for you. Your car starts right up, and you're on your way again! All you pay for is the new battery.  

The Basics - Lock Your Keys In The Car

This is a classic move most of us have made at one time or another. If you've somehow been spared, don't worry, chances are it will happen to you too, someday. Let's see how familiar this sounds to most people. You're rushing around one morning getting ready for work and you're already running late. You have an important meeting to attend before noon, so you're trying to look your best. At the last minute, you can't find your keys anywhere. Frantic, you check the car, and of course the doors are locked. You get an awful feeling as you see silver hanging from the ignition - your keys. You curse your stupidity in not making that extra set you've been meaning to. Then you remember you recently added the roadside assistance to your insurance, so you quickly call them. They send over a locksmith who has your car open within 5 minutes. He offers to make you a spare set on the spot, and all you pay for is the keys themselves. 

The Basics - Out Of Gas Or Car Won't Start
This is another common issue that has happened to most of us at one time or another. We all make mistakes in judgment once in a while, and it's easy to do when guessing how much gas is left in a vehicle. Or perhaps we just forget to look at the gauge until it's too late, especially if we didn't think about how 'Junior' borrowed it the night before and didn't replace the gas. These things always seem to happen in the worst places, and at the worst times! In any case, there's nothing more relieving than knowing you have roadside assistance, and being able to call a place like Las Vegas Quik Tow to help you out and bring you some gas on those rare but inevitable occasions. But what if you put gas in it and it still won't start? Luckily for you, the technician hasn't left yet, because he's making sure you get back on the road first. You both end up checking under the hood for an easy fix, but nothing seems to do the trick. Since it's a tow truck, hooking you up is fairly easy, and they give you a ride to the nearest garage. All you pay is the cost of the fuel. 

In all these situations, in Las Vegas or any surrounding area you can call LV Quik Tow and they'll send someone out to assist you right away. They understand that time is of the essence and you're in a bad situation, and offer 24/7 assistance that's affordable and friendly. All in all, roadside assistance is definitely a great thing to have when you need it, and almost always ends up being well worth the small extra cost. 

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