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What To do with a broken down car

11.18.20 - Rochelle Harris

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When Push Comes To Shove 
If you're like many Americans these days, you prefer to purchase a used car instead of spending tens of thousands on a brand new car, especially when you can still get many good years out of a good used vehicle. Sometimes, however, you buy one that just doesn't cut it - a "lemon", and finally you have to admit defeat and just get rid of it. After all, it wouldn't be fair to try and sell it to someone else! Or you buy a good one, but eventually its life is over, and it's time to get another one. Possibly, you get into an accident and total your car. Perhaps a friend or a relative or even an unknown person leaves a broken down car on your property or in front of your house. Maybe your vehicle breaks down while you're driving it, and it's not worth saving. In any situation such as this, you may be wondering what to do with a broken down car. We are going to try and answer this for you in this post. 

Trade It In 
You have several different options you can explore that will make giving up your junk vehicle easier, and not a total loss to your pocketbook. Number one, you can trade it in on a better one! Most people are not aware that car dealerships will even buy a non-running vehicle, because they operate under a government incentive program for turning in old vehicles that contribute significantly more to polluting the atmosphere than newer cars. They will sometimes even give you a good deal on it, but be sure to do some research first. You'll want to have an idea, at least. Keep in mind that some of them will just have a minimum "courtesy"  amount they will offer, as well. Call ahead and talk to the head salesman to give them a heads-up, and briefly explain the situation. You might want to scout the lot first to make sure there's something there you want, of course. But since more often than not you'll be needing another vehicle, it's a viable option to keep in mind that won't be a total loss. 

Junk It For Cash 
This is a great option because of a few things. First of all, you can go online and put a few details about your vehicle into several different places and get a free estimate on what they'll give you for it, and then choose the best one. Second, they schedule a day and time and then come haul it away for you, as well as give you the check! The process these days really couldn't be simpler, and since you can shop around, you can easily find the best price. Be sure you answer all the questions on the website accurately, though, for an equally accurate estimate. If once they get there the vehicle isn't exactly what you said it was, they will start to take the price down accordingly. The more working parts the better, as well as salvageable parts in any capacity (such as for outer or interior bodywork). Windows and mirrors matter too, and of course, be sure you have a clean title signed and ready to go. Typically they will schedule your pickup within a week, and often sooner. This is another great option that won't result in a total loss for you. 

Donate It 
If you'd rather donate the car, there are multiple worthy charitable organizations who will come and get the vehicle as well as give you a receipt for your taxable write-off at the end of the year. This is an option that has a two-fold benefit for you, what with being able to give to a charity you believe in and also get substantially more value than you would in any other way, to be able to write off on your taxes. One of the wonderful charitable organizations you can do this with is Vehicles for Veterans, where you will get a minimum of a $500 write-off, and if your vehicle is sold at auction for more, you'll get a receipt for the exact amount it's sold for. The money is used for programs that help American veterans and their families. Another great charity is Wheels for Wishes, a part of the Make-A-Wish foundation. What could be better than giving to a place that makes critically ill children's wishes come true? Both of these options offer free towing, and ask that you fill out a donation form, which you can find online. There are many different charities or other places who take vehicle donations, some of them don't pay for towing, some have other requirements or rules, so do your research first. 

No Title? Have It Towed 
So what if you don't have a title, but you need to get rid of it. Whether someone asked you to store a vehicle for them who is long gone now, or either gave it to you or sold it to you without ever giving you the title, or if a vehicle that's obviously out of commission has been parked in the same spot in your neighborhood or at your place of business for 3 days or more, you can call LV Quik Tow in Las Vegas or surrounding areas. They will come and tow it away for you with a quickness that will surprise you, and take care of notifying the proper authorities (if necessary), as well. These guys are friendly and fast, and they get the job done right. When you need assistance for an abandoned vehicle on your property or in your neighborhood, remember LV Quik Tow. The other option, in Nevada, is to call and report the vehicle at this 24-hour-a-day AVA (Abandoned Vehicle Abatement) Hotline: (530-470-2750), and leave a detailed message. The messages are checked daily. Hopefully at this point we've answered the question on what to do with a broken down carto your satisfaction, and given you some choices to consider.