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Any time you are experiencing an emergency such as a flat tire, if you do not have roadside assistance coverage, you can still call your regular insurance agent and add it to your policy. You can also call most any other car insurance company as well as LV QUIK TOW if you're in Nevada. We are a local provider of emergency roadside assistance, either for customers with pre-existing coverage or for on-the-spot service, to help get you back on the road again without delay! Friendly, fast, professional service, at any time you need it, 24 7, right here at LV QUIK TOW.

When To Call For Emergency Roadside Service

Scenario 1: Flat Tire
You are finally on your way to your son or daughter's highly anticipated school event, but it's been one of those days and you're running late. To compound your worries, you've also been entrusted to bring a refreshment for the event. Wanting to impress the other parents and your child's classmates, you decide to make a fancy dessert you know everyone will love. 

Generally Speaking

Sometimes, life doesn't care who you are or how important it is to get where you're going; bad things happen. Your day starts out fine at home, but then something happens to your vehicle on the way, creating a huge problem. It always seems to happen at the worst times, as well. If this has happened to you, you may be wondering when to call for roadside assistance. In your daily life, when an emergency situation leaves you by the side of the road, it's time to call roadside assistance services for help. No matter where you are, roadside assistance can use their location services to find you in absolutely any location. 

Obtaining Coverage

​First off let's cover what roadside assistance service actually is, and how you obtain this coverage. There are actually many ways you can get roadside assistance, including as an add-on to your auto insurance policy (i.e. State Farm), or with any common provider such as Triple AAA directly. It is primarily an insurance product, but can be purchased in a variety of ways and from multiple different car insurance companies that sell insurance products like these. 
Some examples, if you should need a provider for emergency roadside assistance, are: 

  • Car insurance company (almost any automobile insurance carrier or agent should offer roadside assistance)
  • Membership in Triple AAA (or most memberships in other auto clubs)  
  • Car manufacturers (most)
  • Cell phone providers (some) 
  • Credit card companies (some) 
  • Towing companies (select few - see LV QUIK TOW when in Nevada!) 

Obviously your battery is dead, and at the very least you will need a jump start. On this occasion you should utilize your roadside assistance coverage. 

Scenario 3: Locked Out
Leaping out of bed, you remember an important last-minute meeting you're supposed to be at...15 minutes ago! Throwing your clothes on and running a comb through your hair, you grab your wallet and - ? - your keys! Frantic, you run outside to look inside the car, but the doors are locked. With a sinking feeling, you see the glint of silver - your keys, hanging from the ignition inside the car. 

03.09.21 - Rochelle Harris

Suddenly, just as you're starting to relax and get excited to see the event, the steering wheel jerks out of your grip and - ka-POW!! Thump-thump-thump! It's a blowout, and you've got to pull off the road fast. You've got a flat tire, and of course it's happening right when you have no spare, or even any tools to help you. A flat tire is definitely a time to call roadside assistance for help, and someone will bring you a tire and make sure you get it on your vehicle, getting you back on the road again safely.

Scenario 2: Dead Battery

The weather has been unusually cold lately, and you have an older vehicle to begin with. Lately it's been getting harder to start, but usually once it gets going and warmed up good, it has no further issues. Today you're well on your way, and you get to the last stop sign before the 10-mile stretch of desert and nothingness before getting to your work. Suddenly, the motor sputters out and dies. Startled, you turn the key over to restart the engine, but 'click-click-click' is all you hear. 

Any time you're in Nevada and experiencing an unexpected event or emergency relating to your automobile, call LV QUIK TOW for the best fast, friendly, professional and reasonable roadside assistance services available. A customer may apply for information on this service right here on our website. Send us an email, or residents of Nevada and in the Las Vegas area can call the local number found here on our home page anytime 24 7. Also interested in tow capacity? Learn more about what is tow capacity today!

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This is a great time to call for the lockout service offered with your insurance policy add-on, part of roadside assistance. Call LV QUIK TOW whenever you're in Nevada.  

Scenario 4: Out Of Gas

You're on your way to the airport to catch a last-minute flight, attempting to close an important business deal you likely need to be in person for. Suddenly you feel the motor sputter a little, remembering that your daughter used the car last night and was supposed to get gas...call roadside assistance services, and get gas brought to you quickly, plus a tech will follow you to the nearest gas station to ensure you get there safely. 

Scenario 5: Other Repairs Needed
And sometimes life really throws a wrench in the works, and right when you least expect it, always at the worst timing possible, your vehicle suddenly decides to quit. In some instances, you will just need a tow (and a ride) to the nearest repair facility or auto shop. This too, is a job for LV QUIK TOW! Our technicians are always ready and standing by, more than happy to help you whenever you need (or think you might need!) roadside assistance in Nevada. 

Roadside Assistance With LV QUIK TOW In Nevada

When to call for roadside Assistance

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