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Tow truck driver jobs require a level head at an accident, and you never know when someone may need a ride to the nearest service station, or have their vehicle scheduled for towing to the local junkyard. The more friendly and helpful you are, the more references you'll get, and the more likely you are to get the job. 

About Tow Trucks 

Although the requirements may not be strict concerning tow truck operator jobs, there are several different types of tow trucks you could be assigned to. If you're not driving a tow truck with a wheel lift, it's important to remember not to attempt to tow a vehicle with all-wheel drive. These vehicles can be damaged in towing them with a conventional tow truck, so use one with the wheel lift mechanism. Also, for more expensive vehicles or extensively damaged vehicles, be sure to use a flatbed tow truck. 
Additional Information 

While one towing company may vary greatly in its requirements for being a driver from the next, be prepared for a vision test and a hearing test, and you may even be asked to pass a physical test as well. Every towing company will require its own training, and most will allow training with an experienced driver. After all, nothing beats hands-on experience.

A good towing company like LV QUIK TOW hires fast, friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable tow truck drivers. We understand the occasional breakdown and need for a ride to the nearest service station, and we're here to help! So remember one thing when you need assistance: stay calm and call LV QUIK TOW when in the state of Nevada. For more information, check out the rest of our website! Also check out our when to call for roadside assistance.

However, it is easy to go over this amount, which is why many trucking companies require all employees to have a commercial driver's license. Legally you must be over 18 to be a tow truck operator, but most tow truck jobs have minimum 21 or over age requirements.

Other Job Requirements 

Additionally, candidates for a tow truck operator or recovery operator should be able to pass background checks and submit to a drug test. Experience is required for most tow truck driving jobs, but how much experience you need varies greatly. Candidates for tow trucker jobs should be prepared to undergo training in safety procedures and other processes unique to each tow truck company. Lastly, a person applying to be a tow truck operator should bring a valid driver's license with a clean driving record. 

Additional Certification 

Tow truck drivers can sometimes enroll in a certification program, possibly offered at specific community colleges, depending upon where they work.

Some states also offer additional licensing programs or other continuing education opportunities. 

Depending on your employer, some tow truck operators may need to complete a certification program as part of their training. But as a rule, the best kind of added training or requirements necessary for being a tow truck operator are on-the-job training and experience tow truck driving.

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There is a myriad of reasons why you may be asking the question, what makes a qualified tow truck driver?

We will be discussing tow truck driver requirements and how to become a tow truck driver, as well as covering some of the responsibilities of these towing professionals. So if you have aspirations of having a career as a tow truck operator, there are many different factors to consider and directions you can go.

For a tow truck driver job, you'll be required to find both stranded and abandoned vehicles, know the proper procedure for towing all different types of vehicles, and getting them safely towed to a garage or a junkyard. Sometimes you may be called on a roadside assistance call, and if you have some basic knowledge of cars, help fix small problems causing the breakdown.

At a car accident, you may be needed to tow a vehicle or move one out of the road. You may just need to take another driver to the nearest service station for gas, but your job will always be interesting in Las Vegas!


Age, Education & License

First of all, you don't have to have a college education to be a tow truck driver, although most tow truck companies prefer high school graduates. And although state driving requirements vary, typically you are only legally bound to have a CDL (commercial driver's license) when towing in excess of 26,000 lbs

Skills Necessary

Besides some actual experience driving tow trucks, one of the skills necessary for a tow truck operator job is having good communication skills. Tow truck drivers will be in constant communication with the dispatcher, as well as dealing with customers daily at each site.

A tow truck operator job also requires incident management skills, since duties will involve going to the scene of accidents, where a tow trucker may be a first responder.

In addition, tow truck operators that have a good working knowledge of cars are helpful, and will be put to the test! Often, tow truck drivers are called for roadside assistance, where vehicle breakdowns and accidents are common. Directional skills are also helpful for tow truck operators, as sometimes it can be difficult to find the location of a vehicle breakdown or even the scene of an accident.  

Responsibilities Include 

The duties or responsibilities for a tow truck driver job are many, as this person is considered a first responder, among many other things. Tow truck drivers need to have skills to deal with a multitude of vehicle issues, like whenever assistance is needed at a car accident, or for disabled cars needing tow trucks.

Duties include being reliable and delivering fast, friendly service to people enduring a  vehicle breakdown or other car emergency.

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What Makes A Qualified Tow Truck Driver?

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